LTC Eastbourne

During this summer, I spent three weeks in the town, which is famous for the highest number of sunny days in England – Eastbourne. I attended a language school LTC, a wonderful building in the heart of Compton Park, directly next to the golf course.

Luckily, during my 23 days there, it rained only for 3 days, which is quite impossible when we know the fact that in England rains how we say in Europe – almost every day.

I probably don’t have to remind that language schools are in general expensive as a hell. However, these days consider as the best days in my all life. Not just because of a chance to meet people from all over the world – I found friends from Italy, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the best of all – they are on the same boat as you are, everyone wants to speak with you because you all are here because you want to improve your language and of course find friends and experience some parties.

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