Acceptance of harsh fact

Today I finished reading a book called The King of Torts written by John Grisham, it was a shortened version with a few questions in the end – to give us food for thought. The story is basically about a lawyer who makes unfavourable out-of-court settlements for his clients to earn himself a lot of money. The thing is that he forces people to take money and keep quiet about a drug – which affected them badly, hurt them or their close relatives.

And the question in the end – if you knew that pharmaceutical company was responsible for the death of someone in your family, would you:

  • accept a lot of money in compensation and ask no questions?


  • refuse compensation and try to take the pharmaceutical company to court?

I think a first idea which crosses your mind is the second option – it seems like a good answer. But honestly, after losing someone beloved, would you still have strength and desire to file charges and negotiate with lawyers again? Even though it is not going to bring your love ones back?  Would you enjoy the money? Would you be happy about the easy way how you reached a big amount of cash? Or would you be able to know the truth and live with the fact that you did nothing?



2 thoughts on “Acceptance of harsh fact

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