LTC Eastbourne

During this summer, I spent three weeks in the town, which is famous for the highest number of sunny days in England – Eastbourne. I attended a language school LTC, a wonderful building in the heart of Compton Park, directly next to the golf course.

Luckily, during my 23 days there, it rained only for 3 days, which is quite impossible when we know the fact that in England rains how we say in Europe – almost every day.

I probably don’t have to remind that language schools are in general expensive as a hell. However, these days consider as the best days in my all life. Not just because of a chance to meet people from all over the world – I found friends from Italy, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the best of all – they are on the same boat as you are, everyone wants to speak with you because you all are here because you want to improve your language and of course find friends and experience some parties.

Eastbourne is quite small city, according to some my classmates boring but I think is all about what you are looking for and how you are able to take advantages of what this town offers. The school provides tennis courts, football pitch, volleyball court and all the equipment and once per week, there is a sporty day for all students for free. In the centre, we can find a shopping mall, small shops and fashion stores and a lot of restaurants. Mainly students spend their afternoons and sometimes nights on the beach with a beer (in a good weather) otherwise there are pubs and clubs for nights with friends. For people, who are not satisfied with staying in the one place, there is Brighton about 90 minutes by bus (a bigger city with all you can want from a city but of course, it is not that safe like Eastbourne). You can also visit amazing places like Seven Sisters, Beachy Head, Marina or you can travel with the agency to whatever places they offer (Oxford, London, Cambridge – it is about 50 pounds for a trip) but I in my opinion is better travel with friends you make and travel on your own (cheaper and more fun).

Classes are in the morning and for the ones who want to study more the school offers afternoon classes. The groups are divided to groups according to level of your English, normally about ten students in the group. Again, I was lucky, I share my class only with one girl – we were just two in our advanced class (I don’t really know how I got there) but it was perfect, the teachers could work with us on things we needed and I think it helped my English a lot. However, I think that studying in the groups about 10 students is not that great obviously even if teachers are great. But you can find friends and then practise with them (which can give you even more) so I recommend everyone to have only morning classes. Also, I though I will be the worst with my English and I don’t know how I ended up in special class and level of other people was about A2-B1.

Accommodation – you can live in the family or in the student house. But everyone votes for families. The best thing in Eastbourne is that you don’t have to use a bus or any other mean of transport! You can walk everywhere – to the school, to the city, to the party… It mostly about 15 minutes by walk. The families are amazing, I think all of them. All my friends were satisfied (just people from Saudi don’t like their families but it’s mostly they are not used to live like people in the Europe at all).


Friends – how I said, finding friends is the best part. I guess in LTC was maybe more than half students from Saudi Arabia and unfortunately they like to spend their time mostly together. At first, I was quite nervous about them, I don’t want to sound badly but I think everyone from different countries were nervous. But after all, you see that they are maybe different, from different part of the world and with different habits but they are great people after all. Thanks to this holiday I lost prejudices.

Negative – the school doesn’t organize a program properly, which is the only minus of the school. When I was there,  once per week was a sporty day and pub night and it was basically all. But of course, you can make your program on your own.











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