Why we let strangers share our lives

Who already know me probably also know that I like reflecting. However, today I would like you to think about social networks and their influence. Almost everyone (except my mother) has Facebook, Skype, Twiter or something similar. Of curse, we say that we have it because of the easier communication. But honestly, can you imagine your life without it? I hope you do.

Every day I see on the Facebook wall a number of the contributions from my friends. Everyone share where they ate, where they slept and with who, what they got for his birthay or where they spent holidays. I don’t want to say it’s wrong but I don’t do it. Honestly, where I eat and do things is completely my bussines, no one has to know that. I don’t need to boast about it as many others and honestly, I don’t really care about the others at all. So why are some people still so keen on posting their meals and photographs from fitness? Why do they want show their lives to the strangers? Real friends know with who you date, what you do and so on. You don’t have to remind them that you exist. Only jealous and envious people read and look through the Facebook wall and wonder who (how my mother says) fart what.



4 thoughts on “Why we let strangers share our lives

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