Girl who didn’t get anything

Once, there was a girl lying on the hot sand of a desert. The sun was shining very much, all her body was sunburnt and she was dying because of a lack of the water. She didn’t even remember when she drank or saw a human for a last time. Actually, right now she didn’t remember anything at all.

She didn’t want to die. The girl was about twelve years old, she wanted to discover the universe, be with her family in the small ranch in the countryside. Her family, she couldn’t even recall how her mother looks like.

Suddenly, she saw a smudgy outline of a two approaching people. A little glimmer of hope came to her mind. Unfortunately, she lost consciousness.

When she came round, a man and a woman were staring at her. “Wa-t-er.“ Wheezed the little girl with her dry lips. These people were holding a bottle with a fresh water, in the backpack had another full flasks. The man unscrewed the cap. Then he poured it over his had. “Let’s go, honey, there is nothing for us.“ And they left the little girl and condemned her to death.

… … … … … … …

I guess you understand what I was trying to say in this short story. I belive that I won’t live to see a world when selfishness, stinginess and all the bad attributes will rule the world. But maybe, I already live in it.



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