What would you take to an abandoned island?

Often we can hear people talk about what kind of things they would bring to the deserted island. In the most cases, we hear answer as telephone, tablet, computer, Wi-Fi connection, television. However, at first we should think about a box of matches, drinking wather, atlas of eatable plants, axe or partner (if we can talk about it as a thing).

Is the internet really so necessary? I mean, think about it. You are alone on the island. You can’t write messages to your friends (not even postcards), you can’t read what happened in the rest of the world, you can’t shop online or play games. Of curse, the first option is the worst, you would lose attachment with the world, you wouldn’t know if someone died, you wouldn’t know about WW3 or anything. But the most people would choose the internet over the box of matches because they just can’t live without typing and looking through the Facebook wall.

And what would you take to the abandoned island? Would you be able to live without the internet? I believe you could try it, at least for a couple of days and if you will be ok without it, you aren’t hopeless.



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