Keeping problems away

Sometimes we do things we are not proud of. It doesn’t matter if it’s because of alcohol, selfishness or just a bad decision. We all make mistakes. However, most of us try to  postpone them for later (or never). Of course, it’s easier but can we really do that?

My theory says that we put off our problems as they wouldn’t exist. We locked them behind the big impervious door (color is usually our most hateful one) and then we leave them there forever. Some people have more scarecrows in a closet than others.

The question is, how can we deal with troubles? I know a guy who have had about 70 girls and he also hurt all these 70 girls but he just doesn’t care. He puts them off behind that door and leave them there together, which is maybe even worse and looks for another woman. Or I know a guy who lies all the time (now he doesn’t even realise that he’s lying). And he doesn’t want to face the fact he is a liar and surely it’s easier solution. But for how long we can keep the things out of our mind? When it starts to go back and hunt us exactly? Someday.

The Story Behind a Door


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