The best time of the year

Few days ago, the first Summer day came and to the Czech Republic brought an amazing weather. Normally, our temperature is in this time of the year about 20 degrees. However, for a few days now is about 36 degrees, which is awesome. I also know some people who just close themselves into their flats and refuse to go outside. However, I welcome the sun and high temperature with the open arms. I took a few days off and I just enjoy my time on my own after a very long time. I swim in the pool (or maybe is better to say I float on my new huge-infitable-donut).

For many people is summer the best time of the year. Others prefer winter and skiing in the mountains or spring but I guess people in general love summer the most. Not just because of the weather, in this season we are more optimistic than ever, problems seems more solvable, people are happier any kinder, kids and student have holidays and they don’t have to attend schools.


The summer is also a time for the changes for a lot of people. It doesn’t metter if it means to shorten our hair or change the color, buy a new clothes, try to lose weight or rebuild the house. Unfortunately, a lot of relationships split up, new loves appear but disappointments as well.








4 thoughts on “The best time of the year

  1. kindergartenknowledge napsal:

    Hello! I am enjoying reading your blog. I cannot believe that it is so cool there! It has been very hot in Texas all week. I have nominated you for the Awesome Quote Challenge. I tried to send you a link to my post, but I could not get it to work at all! The instructions are on my latest post that is titled „Awesome Quote Challenge“. Basically, you post a favorite quote for three consecutive days and each day you nominate three other bloggers to do the same. I thought that it was fun and I enjoyed thinking about the quotes! Have a great weekend!
    Pat Davis

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