Empty glass

Quite often we divide people into the two groups – the optimists and the pessimists. In most cases people deny where they belong. Optimists say that they are not so optimistic and pessimists claim that they can also see the light at the end of a tunnel. I think every one of us have the pessimistic and optimistic part. Sometimes I think about a glass where is a half of the wather. Is this glass half-empty or half-full? I guess most of us see the first option. These days, there is so much pessimists who watch the other group as the weird happy people without problems, who don’t care about how world is worst and worst. Unfortunately, I am the pessimist but I’m trying to change that even a little bit. That’s why I bought this postcard on my holiday in Switzerland and put it above my bed. So the first thing I see every day is this writing.


Honestly I am not sure if it works. Last month when  I finished my grammar school, I got to the Faculty of Law and when I have four-month lasting holiday in front of me, I’m more pessimistic than ever. I’ve no idea why is that so. I heard that the best ideas how to transform ourselves to be happier are:

  • Not compare ourselves with the others.
  • Spend more time doing the activities we love.
  • Surround ourselves with people we love and avoid to unpopular ones.
  • Write every day what good things happened to us this day.
  • Try to help the others as much as you can.
  • Look at the positive things our your life.
  • Don’t think so much, do.

Life would be so much better  and easier if there were more optimists, don’t you think?

My contribution to the Daily Prompt Empty.


7 thoughts on “Empty glass

  1. ahmeliahmeli napsal:

    I have gone back and forth between seeing the glass both of the ways. My struggle is to balance being optimistic, while also being realistic. I like to look for the positive and I’d love to walk around always feeling happy, but this is hard when there’s so much negativity around. Have you struggled with this aspect? If so, what ways have you tried to change it?

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