What makes me optimistic

If someone said that I will play golf few years ago, I would probably laugh at him. Formerly, I thought golf is just for the rich, everything is about the snobbish clothes, it’s boring because you just follow the ball all day. I played tennis that time, I love that – full of action etc.

However, by coincidence I got the weekend full of golf last year. And honestly, when you get rid of all the prejudices, it’s really amazing. And that boring part is the best of all. My life is a fuss. I’m always in hurry, I study, work, I don’t have time to rest. When you play golf, the world just stops. You don’t have to rush. You can just enjoy the moment. You don’t have to think about how you defeat your opponent as when you play tennis or other sport. Golf is mainly about relaxing. At least for me.



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