To be natural isn’t cool anymore

Honestly, I don’t know how it goes in the other countries but in the Czech Republic, the little girls start to use make-up when they are about 13 years old. A lot of people say that it’s too early and I totally agree. The girls heavily made-up are not beautiful, sexy or whatever they think they are, in fact, often they look funny. On the other hand, when a girl in my age, it means about twenty years old, doesn’t wear maquillage, the others look at her as a weirdo. I don’t approve that, however, sometimes I catch myself doing the same thing. I am talking about the fact that when I see a girl (without make-up, in the comfortable old-fashioned clothes) with a handsome guy, I think something like: Of curse it’s her brother. I’m not a mean person, it’s just something what the Czechs do and what is normal here. Girls about twenty without make-up are considered as an unattractive women. And I just keep asking myself – is this all right? We shouldn’t judge by the appearance but can we just skip that?


These days, people are trying to change their looks, they want to give the impression of being older, blondes want to have dark hair and vice versa, people with curly hair would love to have straight one… All we are doing is that we are trying to change us, we don’t want to look natural, we want to look artificially, perfect. But if everyone was natural, the world would be better, we wouldn’t have to use all that make-ups etc. just because we want to look normal. If we considered acne as a normal thing which belongs to our world, if we didn’t expect that usual length of the eyelashes is more than one centimetre, if we didn’t let our hair dye, we would be in my opinion more beautiful.





9 thoughts on “To be natural isn’t cool anymore

  1. Kim Knight_Author napsal:

    13 is way too young! I think I started with mascara around 16 years old. On Saturday I went to the supermarket to do the shopping, I saw a little girl about 8-9 years old with bright red lipstick on. I could not stop staring, she was with an older man who I assumed was a grandparent. In my mind I was thinking, how the hell did her mum allow her to leave the house with bright red lipstick on!!?? I was upset for the mother, as a mother myself I didn’t approve.

    Yes,I agree with the changing of one’s self, that’s why 1 year ago next month I stopped chemically straightening my curly hair I just thought forget this! I For more than 20 years I did this to keep my chin length bob nice and sleek I’d do my roots. 3 months of no straightener I went to the salon and told the hairdresser to chop it all off up to my curly roots that was Christmas 2015, since then I’ve rocked my natural curls and just used products to enhance the curl. I am free and happy “ natural“ I’m not forcing my coils straight anymore. or playing into the hands of what people try to push as the best way for women of colour to wear their hair. I’m so much more happy 🙂

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  2. amoralegria napsal:

    I have never worn make-up my whole life. I tried a few times but mascara and facial make-up caused me a lot of problems. I was wearing contact lenses then and any thing artificial near my eyes caused them to itch and burn. So I gave up on make up and have never felt the need for it. It saves me a lot of time getting ready in the morning, so I have more time to enjoy my cup of coffee or read.

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