How I ruin parties

Do you know that feeling when you would rather go through the sewers after something super awkward happened to you? I definitely do. Today I would like to write about two events where I unfortunately ruined the party.

  • I was invited to the birthday party of my friend from the primary school. We haven’t seen each other for a few years but I really wanted to meet her because we were really close long ago. It’s important to add that she had problems with her weight earlier. I chose a nice XXL shirt with donut as a gift for her. She used to have donuts for the snack at school. When I came to the party, she was really thin, about 45 kilograms and vegan. She took my present before I managed to say something and screamed: “Look, this is my friend from childhood.“ And started to unpack it and all her friends were staring. Then I figured out that they hadn’t know about her quondam problems with health and weight and because they were a little bit drunk, they asked and talked about it all night. I ruined her birthday and maybe a few of her friendship because her friends (mostly thin vegans) just didn’t understand that at all. Just like to be fat and eat normally is something wrong.


  • My grandmother had a 70th birthday few years ago. My family wanted to throw the party. We invited all the relatives and grandmother’s friends. We split the tasks among us and my job was to take care about the cake. I’m not really a good cooker so I  ordered it in the cake shop, 70 candles included. However, there was a fuss, not enough time and everything, so when we were singing Happy birthday to you and my grandmother blew out the candles, one little boy started to count them and then screamed “Happy 80th birthday!“ Because there were accidentally ten candles more. Everyone just looked at me as I was an idiot. The cake shop probably made a mistake but it was too late to explain that because my grandmother was upset that her family didn’t know how old she was and the party was over.



4 thoughts on “How I ruin parties

  1. Indiasologuy napsal:

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words about my post. It is much appreciated. I understand the frustrations you’ve expressed in the ‚not connected to internet‘ post. Indeed, real life is better – I wrote something similar elsewhere. See you around!

    To se mi líbí

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