Girl who fell from the sky


In the middle of nowhere, a little girl sat on the ground. “Mommy? Where are you?“ She looked around and got up quickly. But far away around her was just a short grass. “Mom!“ She started to cry. “No, no, it can’t be true.“ Unfortunately for her, it was a truth. She was really on the Earth. She fixed her eyes on the sky. Blue. Beautiful. Home.

The young lady remembered what the teacher in the sky told his class about the ground. It’s a place where no one is safe. Full of hatred, acquisitiveness, wars, envy. That’s why the kids shouldn’t go near the sky wall – there was a chance that they could fall down. Yes, she remembered it very well. She also recalled how she was curious about that beautiful wall, how she didn’t listen to her mother and went there alone. Oh no.

She ran over the meadow. The grass behind her eyes grow – she could clearly see that. It was bigger and bigger every second. Then she saw a huge machine which was approaching  and collecting the growing grass. She broke into a run. Oh my God, it’s going to eat me as well as the turf. Luckily, she spotted a concrete road. When she reached this point, a little boy, probably about the same age, was sitting near by.

“Hi, can you help me, please?“ Asked the girl. But she didn’t get any answer. “Please, I just need help. Come on.“ Nothing. The boy was looking at a thing the girl has never seen. He was typing something here and didn’t pay attention to her at all. When she glanced around, she noticed the high buildings, yes, there were really the skyscrapers, she knew them from the textbook of the Earth science. All around were standing people, they had the same things as the boy she met few minutes ago. When she walked around them, nobody spoke, nobody paid attention to her, no one actually cared about the little girl, who is all alone going through the city. Every human here had a small wheel on the sole of foot, people were so lazy to move that they used the wheels. Everyone was in hurry. People collide to each other, they even didn’t say sorry for that, they actually didn’t talk at all. The girl tried to stop a few people but no one takes her into account. Just like she wouldn’t exist. She realized they use that strange things to communicate with each other. Maybe they weren’t able to speak, they could just type the letters into the machines and send it to someone else.

She was terrified. She found a narrow road and wanted to hide here but she saw plenty of dirty people in this street, lying over themselves, they wore some ragged clothing, some of them didn’t have clothing whatsoever. They emitted the petrifying sounds, something between a screaming and crying. The poor, came to her mind. She looked back, on the wide street full of people in the suits, they were wearing a lot of golden objects such as rings or necklaces. “Oh my goodness, help them!“ She screamed from the top of her lungs. “They are going to die! Just help them!“ But just as usual, no one cared. People behaved the same way, they were in hurry, wrote messages, didn’t have the families because thanks to the families they can lose an opportunity to earn money, nobody had time for having children or inviting someone to the date, all they cared about was themselves. Their pleasure. Their money. Their life.

The little girl realized that in this world, she will die. Because there weren’t the good people anymore. She was glad she spent her last few years in the sky, between persons who ran away from this world for something better. Anyway, she will die alone.

But maybe, she could at least try to make the world better. For a hope is never too late.




8 komentářů: „Girl who fell from the sky

  1. fionadlr píše:

    Great post! Your writing style is amazing. The world seen through by the little girl’s eyes reflects our society today where we disregard actually spending time with family, because why not when you can just send quick text messages? Or helping the poor when you have your own life to care for? This story is really great 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

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