Purpose of woman in the society

The topic, which is often discussed these days, is a position of the women in the society. In the past, women weren’t equal with the men. They couldn’t work, vote or generally do the same things as the men.

Today, women have mostly the same rights. But sometimes it seems to me that even in Europe, where the women can be lawyers, manageress, they also can earn a lot of money, they don’t have to have a family life etc., the men look at the women as a housewives. Honestly, we work as much as the men do, about eight hours per day and after that, everyone expects that we will be cleaning the houses, ironing, do the dusting, while the men are watching TV. Nowadays, the husbands don’t help their wives with the house works because it’s considered as a women’s work. And it was the womens’s work in the past but not anymore. When we work as much as the opposite sex, we should share everything in our houses together, looking after the children included.



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