21 facts that make me angry

Do you have any things which make your blood boil? I definitely do. I made a list of my hated actions. Do you have some of them the same as me?

  • Injustice.
  • When someone humiliates the others. Especially my friends.
  • When someone  dissembles.
  • When someone lies and he does that he doesn’t lie at all, even it’s obvious.
  • When someone use merciful lies – that is his justification.
  • Someone, who thinks that he knows everything in the world.
  • When someone smells very badly in the means of transport.
  • When this stinky person sits next to me (even the bus is empty).
  • Someone, who talks about something he doesn’t understand at all.
  • When parents doesn’t look after their kids in the public places like restaurants.
  • When I have an exam and I know every task except number 25. Of course I will draw the 25.
  • When is a sunny weather all day and when I go outside, it starts to rain.
  • When is a rainy weather and I leave my umbrella at home because it should be sunny day.
  • When I explain something to my classmate and then he gets better grade than I do.
  • When I am travelling somewhere, I pack my stuff away and then there isn’t enough space for my clothes and other personal things.
  • When I’m in the middle of cooking when I realize thar I miss one of the ingredients which is super necessary.
  • When I’m writing a new article and someone accidentally turns off my computer.
  • When someone, who has never had the I-phone, says that Apple sucks.
  • When I have birthday on Monday.
  • When I forget to rewrite my answers into the answer sheet.
  • When someone wonderful underestimates himself.

My contribution to the Daily prompt – Angry.


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