Her mind is a blank

Few days ago, I did my secondary school-leaving exam. In the Czech Republic, we take it from five subjects – part of the one of them is to write an essay about a topic which is determined. The theme this year was to write about a boy, Eric, who lost his memory. I came up with a quite good story and for the rest of the day I was thinking about the memory loss.

The very same day, I was travelling by bus and an old woman sat next to me. She probably figured out thanks to my clothes that I’m a senior student. So she asked me how it’s going. I told her about my topic and after a while she replied that she has her own experience with this. She had a problem with the memory loss, she forgot about her husband, her children, she had to leave her job… Coincidence. I became aware of a fact that in our society there is probably a lot of people with this problem.  It has to be horrible for this person but definitely even more horrible for her family.

It must be quite terrible to forget about people you love. I can’t even imagine that someone would just failed to remember me after we spend a part of our lives together. Especially someone like my husband…

We should probably be happy about our lives. Sometimes it seems that our life sucks but when we met someone whose life is sad or is affected by some illness or disease, we should be happy for what we have.


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