Fork in the road

We have to face the choices every day. It doesn’t matter if we choose between two meals, between two boys or between healthy lifestyle and junk food. Every alternative can be difficult decision. Some choices are easier, some are more difficult, depends only on our personality.

I often think about a fate. I mean, think about that.

  • You are wondering if you should go to the park or to the cinema. You are in the crossroad. You choose the cinema. But what if there is a wonderful person sitting in the park, the person who can make your life better? Maybe, you could  marry this person and be happy. But you chose differently. You didn’t meet anyone and the film was terrible. 
  • You are walking your dog. It starts to rain and you decide to go home. In case you would go a little bit farther, you could help a girl, who had broken her leg and now – can I say because of you? – She is sitting in the rain on the ground and cries. Who is going to help her now?

The question I would like to ask – do you think that the destiny is predetermined? I mean for example you opted for the cinema but maybe that amazing person in the park come across you the next day. And you will be happy after all.

Maybe, sometimes we are very close to change someone’s life. But we unfortunately miss that.



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