World is not so bad how it seems

The most important and useful thing I have ever learned is that despite the wars, selfish people, acquisitiveness, murders and envy in the world, in every crowd is at least one good person. Someone who is kind, perceptive, understanding who also can help us when we need it the most.

However, there is a Countless number of people who behave badly. But we still shouldn’t forget about the good guys.



9 thoughts on “World is not so bad how it seems

  1. lisajsingh napsal:

    Today I failed to check the amount of gas in my car. And so, I ran out of gas. A very nice young man helped push my car to the side, went home to fetch a gas can, and put in a couple of gallons of gas. No charge. Nothing wanted in return for his good deed. The world, indeed, is filled with good people.

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