Go against the tide

Today’s prompt is a Grain. The first thing which crossed my mind  was a statement go against the grain which means when we do something what the others don’t and what is not expected.

The thing is that these days people don’t want to differ. When someone is even kind of original, the rest act like he doesn’t belong to our society. Why is that so? I have no idea.

A novelty should be a part of our lives. When we do only what is expected, we are a little bit boring. On the other hand, where does the bounds lie and what is still normal? peas-580333_960_720

What if we change the color of our hair – purple instead of brown?

What if we let someone tattoo all our face?

What if we love someone of the same sex?

Sometimes I have to ask myself – is the originality really that bad?

In my opinion, we shouldn’t judge at all. Sometimes even people with purple hair or gays can surprise us…



1 komentář: „Go against the tide

  1. Turner Tracy píše:

    I love the thought process, going against the grain is something I’ve taken pride in, it keeps a chip on my shoulder to better myself each day and prove the doubters wrong, great post, I believe this is the idea the mental health community should have as they strive towards a better life, a life of originality, since they’re already considered „different“ in society’s eyes.

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