Acceptance of harsh fact

Today I finished reading a book called The King of Torts written by John Grisham, it was a shortened version with a few questions in the end – to give us food for thought. The story is basically about a lawyer who makes unfavourable out-of-court settlements for his clients to earn himself a lot of money. The thing is that he forces people to take money and keep quiet about a drug – which affected them badly, hurt them or their close relatives.

And the question in the end – if you knew that pharmaceutical company was responsible for the death of someone in your family, would you:

  • accept a lot of money in compensation and ask no questions?


  • refuse compensation and try to take the pharmaceutical company to court?

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Calming down*

Summer relax 👍🎉

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LTC Eastbourne

During this summer, I spent three weeks in the town, which is famous for the highest number of sunny days in England – Eastbourne. I attended a language school LTC, a wonderful building in the heart of Compton Park, directly next to the golf course.

Luckily, during my 23 days there, it rained only for 3 days, which is quite impossible when we know the fact that in England rains how we say in Europe – almost every day.

I probably don’t have to remind that language schools are in general expensive as a hell. However, these days consider as the best days in my all life. Not just because of a chance to meet people from all over the world – I found friends from Italy, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the best of all – they are on the same boat as you are, everyone wants to speak with you because you all are here because you want to improve your language and of course find friends and experience some parties.

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Why we let strangers share our lives

Who already know me probably also know that I like reflecting. However, today I would like you to think about social networks and their influence. Almost everyone (except my mother) has Facebook, Skype, Twiter or something similar. Of curse, we say that we have it because of the easier communication. But honestly, can you imagine your life without it? I hope you do.

Every day I see on the Facebook wall a number of the contributions from my friends. Everyone share where they ate, where they slept and with who, what they got for his birthay or where they spent holidays. I don’t want to say it’s wrong but I don’t do it. Honestly, where I eat and do things is completely my bussines, no one has to know that. I don’t need to boast about it as many others and honestly, I don’t really care about the others at all. So why are some people still so keen on posting their meals and photographs from fitness? Why do they want show their lives to the strangers? Real friends know with who you date, what you do and so on. You don’t have to remind them that you exist. Only jealous and envious people read and look through the Facebook wall and wonder who (how my mother says) fart what.


We can do it

Sometimes we face a cruel reality. When we look in front of us, we see just darkness and  unachievable aim. However, important thing is not to give up. Almost every problem has a solution, maybe not simple one but we should confront it. We should always see a light at the end of the tunnel.


This photo is taken during my travels in Switzerland. These days taught me that even when something seems impossible, it isn’t impossible at all. When we are sure we want something, we can reach it. We can handle it. We can do whatever we want.

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Darkness inside of us

Sometimes, I think about people, who decided to do something wrong. When I studied on my school-leaving exam few months ago, I was learning about the criminals and how people become the criminals. But honestly, I think that every one of us have a little criminal inside us. It depends only on how much we let him grow and influence us.

I’m not trying to say that we all are the same – murderers as adulterers. But tell me that you have never heard that voice inside of you, which persuades you to do something you don’t want to do or something you know is wrong (even you eventually didn’t yield to temptation). As the saying goes, an opportunity makes the thief.